Complete Private Aviation travel Consulting

PDM Consulting takes care of a select group of clients (like you) that want personal service and someone that cares about their clients.  We evaluating each operator by reviewing aircraft and pilot safety records, FAA enforcement records, customer service performance, and interview the operations staff. As a result of our due diligence, our clients have very few (if any) problems with their flights. 

We’re experienced aviation auditors, so we really know private jets, aviation companies, and jet safety. You can travel with complete peace of mind. We’re more than just a private aviation consultant– we’ll get you where you want to go, the way you want to get there, with no detail left undone.

Everything you expect, and that’s just the beginning…

  • Private Travel Consulting Services
    • Private Aircraft Charter
    • Travel Assessment
    • Comparison and Management Of:
      • Fraction Aircraft Purchase
      • Jet Card Programs
  • Worry-free Private Air Travel
    • Access to the best aircraft and crews, worldwide. 
    • Peace of mind - We’re are experienced aviation safety auditors.
    • We know private aviation as aviation business owners, managers, and pilots.
    • Complete World Wide Personal Aviation Assistance 
  • Every option you could want
    • Jets, turbo props, props, helicopters
    • Worldwide Aircraft Availability
    • Confidential, and Discreet
    • 24/7/365 Personal Service
    • Uncompromised Safety

We feel the above really set us apart, and make us an ideal choice for a specific clientele – corporate-level private jet travelers who want (and expect) the best.

If that’s you, then we encourage you to contact us. You won’t be disappointed