As your personal aviation assistant, I’d like to remind you that…

Oh wait… I’ll bet you didn’t even know there were personal aviation assistants, did you? A personal aviation assistant is what you get with PDM Consulting. In a nutshell, you get me, Debbie Gardner, and my decades of experience in private aircraft charter and the hospitality industry. If you travel by private aircraft (or are even thinking about such), then I can likely be of assistance to you.

From the perfect aircraft to all of the little extras and personal service that nobody else does, we won’t rest until you are thrilled with every aspect of your trip – before, during, and after your flight.

Of course, we’re a “one call / that’s all” private aviation consulting service. You expect that. But we also provide that “extra” that our clients love.

Ok, so as your personal aviation assistant, how can I help you?

•    PDM is a “one-call” buyers agent for private aircraft charter service. We have access to the best planes and top crews, no matter where you are flying to and from. We’re also experienced aviation auditors, so we know quality aircraft and safety. Call us, and the very best will be at your disposal.

•    Personal assistant in terms of private jet travel. That means we’re part travel agent, part assistant, part coordinator. For example, let’s say you want a certain type of wine onboard for a special client – we’ll handle it. Or you want dinner reservations at your destination – we’ll handle that too. Or let’s say someone forgets their medication – call us – we’ll get it there. Essentially, anything you need done, we’ll do, from tee times to food to planning excursions – you name it.  

•    “No matter what, we have time for you”. It’s somewhat punctuated by this complement I received the other day: “Debbie I am probably losing my negotiating advantage telling you this but I love the fact that I can call you anytime even a Sunday afternoon and get you. I have used other companies and they do not give me the service that you do. You are very responsive, you follow up, and you care about my flight going the way I planned. It is hard to find your level of customer service anywhere today. I choose to fly with you even if your competitors may be a trifle cheaper.”

It made me think - we are not just an aircraft charter buyers agent with hundreds of employees. Instead, PDM Consulting takes care of a select group of clients (like you) that want personal service and someone that cares about each one of their flights.  We take the time to find the best aircraft and operator for our clients, and as a result, our clients have very few (if any) problems with their flights.

If personal aviation assistance has piqued your intrest, email me at or call at 772-221-9031 and we’ll discuss how I can help you.